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Update: (1/12/2021)

Final shipments of 2020 have been delivered to customers. This has been a difficult and challenging year. We would like to thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to cooperate, trust and accompany with Afishdeal Team. We hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 crisis.
Update: (12/7/2020)

Seafood products continued to be stable in November. Shrimp is the best selling item in recent months.
Seafood exports of the Mekong Delta provinces are recovering.
Update: (12/7/2020)

Seafood exports by Mekong Delta provinces are picking up after a lull caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vietnam's tuna exports to Italy and Canada went up
Update: (12/4/2020)

According to the statistic of Vietnam Customs in September 2020, Vietnam's tuna exports to the main markets had many positive changes. Over the same period, exports to previous markets with negative growth have recovered, such as the US, EU, and Japan.
Vietnamese shrimp continues to dominate the UK market
Update: (12/3/2020)

Vietnam shrimp exports to the UK as of September 15, 2020 reached $161.2 million, up 15% over the same period in 2019. The UK is also considered one of the import markets of Vietnamese shrimp that per.
Italy into Vietnam's largest tuna market in the EU in the first nine months
Update: (12/3/2020)

This staggering increase transformed Italy into Vietnam's largest tuna market in the EU in the first nine months of this year.
Update: (11/6/2020)

More and more products are being delivered to customer. Black waste tuna meat is a new commodity.
Shrimp exports to the US expected to rise about 20%
Update: (10/21/2020)

According to data from Vietnam Customs, in the first 6 months of 2020, Vietnam's shrimp exports to the US reached US$323.3 million, up 29% over the same period in 2019. Despite the affection by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam's shrimp exports to the US grew quite steadily in the first 6 months of 2020. The US was the only market among Vietnam's main shrimp importers to record continuous positive growth in all months of the first half of 2020.
Update: (10/9/2020)

End of the Third quarter with the orders of Black Tiger Shrimp, Tuna Waste, Pangasius skin, Pangasius fillet and so on. We would like to send our sincere thanks to our customers for accompanying us.
Singapore - bright spot in VN's pangasius exports to ASEAN
Update: (10/5/2020)

As of mid-July 2020, the total value of pangasius exports to the ASEAN market reached US$73.1 million, down 32.4% over the same period in 2019. The export value to the three largest single markets was as follows: Thailand went down by 33.2%; Singapore rose by 3.3%; Malaysia hiked by 31.3% compared to the same period in 2019. In particular, Singapore was a bright spot in export pangasius to this area.
Vietnam's sales to the EU spiked in August
Update: (9/29/2020)

Vietnam's shrimp sector looks set to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic as "the winner", thanks to a fortuitous combination of events, speakers on Undercurrent News' latest webinar agreed.
Positive signs in shrimp, Tuna sales to EU
Update: (9/29/2020)

Vietnam’s shrimp and tuna exports to EU markets showed signs of recovery in July and August despite the impact of COVID-19, rising slightly against previous months and the same period last year.
Opportunities and notes when joining EVFTA (Vietnam - European Union Free Trade Agreement)
Update: (9/3/2020)

The approval of EVFTA, along with the support measures, is considered to create great competitive advantages for Vietnam's exported seafood products, including tuna and surimi compared to other competing countries.
A bleak year for Pangasius companies
Update: (8/31/2020)

Exports stalled due to the pandemic, so many pangasius producers and exporters lost most of their profits.
Cephalopod exports to China recovered
Update: (8/17/2020)

Vietnamese cephalopod exports to China has recovered slightly in March and increased sharply in April 2020. It is expected that exports of cephalopod to this market will continue to grow well in May.
Update: (8/7/2020)

Besides Pangasius, seafood is also our new strength. Seafood orders have continuously increased in recent months.
Canada is considered as a potential market of Vietnamese shrimp
Update: (8/6/2020)

In the first four months of 2020, Vietnam's shrimp exports to Canada reached US$ 49.4 million, up 31.2% over the same period in 2019. Particularly in April, shrimp exports to this market spiked by nearly 51% to over US$13 million.
UK and Singapore, 2 bright spots for exporting Pangasius recently
Update: (7/24/2020)

The value of the exports to the U.K. was USD 28.6 million (EUR 25 million), 7.1 percent higher year-on-year, and the export value from Singapore was USD 18.5 million (EUR 16.3 million), up 5.7 percent year-on-year.
Tuna products imports are growing strongly in many countries around the world
Update: (7/22/2020)

VASEP, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters, reports that Imports of steamed tuna and canned tuna from many markets around the world have grown strongly in the last 5 years.
Update: (7/10/2020)

Pangasius Fillet has always been our hot selling item
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